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Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Hanging Gardens of BabylonThere are many eco gardens but here I am discussed with new Hanging Gardens of Babylon it is wonderful of the ancient world. This is fully eco design garden being a wonder in the future world. It is constructed with concrete, glass and man-made materials, fully natural creation. But the top up, apply green roof concept which is improve the quality for Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Do you like this eco design?

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
It is designed by Merran Porjazoski. Our features include 1300 predominantly indigenous, drought-tolerant plants, 131 Queen Street Skyscraper, Melbourne, Rooftop garden and more.

Hanging Gardens of BabylonThis Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the skies provides you to take a stroll across, and allows an attractive vantage point. It is a best and perfect summers and warm seasons since it is providing natural insulation. Via


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