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Airborne Floating Wind Turbines

Airborne Floating Wind Turbines
NASA has researches its new airborne floating wind turbines will not be built on earth or sea, which is comes with high velocity winds. These new technology based airborne floating wind turbines would spin with high greater speeds found at top altitudes and send power back to land. If you are searches related eco news then you check out We have to provide latest stories about eco product and technology.

Today, I have described you new airborne floating wind turbines. NASA aerospace engineer mark moore presents this new technology based turbines and we are fully trusted with this technique. This airborne floating wind turbines provide a higher altitude of 2000 feet, get between eight and twenty-seven times the production of power, it's arrives a 2-mile protected no-fly zone.

Really, its a fantastic eco news I am so impress![more]
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Biblio Leaf Solar E-reader

Biblio Leaf Solar E-readerRecently LG introduced its first solar e-reader which is comes with trendy features. It is different from look and design. Innovative company Toshiba and KDDI have launched a specific and uniquely designed eco friendly product called the Biblio Leaf solar e-reader. We will provide you fantastic features just like 6-inch e-ink display, WIFI, 3G connectivity and many more. Other feature includes a 2GB of memory, microSD card, onboard battery, and best front-mounted solar panels.

The new Biblio Leaf solar e-reader is built in electronic paper display and 800 X 600 pixels resolution. This eco friendly product is awesome and impressive from other product. I think it’s a first solar e-reader so which provide a top functionality and extra-ordinary features. Really, it is a nice eco friendly product from other. The new Biblio Leaf solar e-reader provides an 8.5″ l x 5″ w measurement with 6″ tall electronic paper display. The eco product includes a best effective touch stylus, flip-top solar panel and advanced manipulate display.

You like its Biblio Leaf solar e-reader? [MORE]
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Wind Energy Harvesting Eco System

Today, I am introduces its wind energy harvesting eco system that can produce or generate energy from renewable sources of energy just like wind. The trend is catching up fast as in two thousand five wind energy generated minimum percent of global energy by generating a 58,982 mega watt of power.

However, by two thousand eight percent of Europe’s electricity was derived from wind energy harvesting eco system. You know that, approx two percent of global electricity production based on wind-powered generators. This wind energy harvesting eco system is not more expensive means cost per watt of wind generated electricity is less than solar energy.

You want more information about wind energy harvesting eco system?

Please visit wikipedia.
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Silvr Lining Cargo Pants with Eco Design

Silver Lining has launched new cargo pants with eco design which is designed to fascinate the minds of all environment friends. Here is available all kinds of eco deign based fashion clothes but its Silver Lining cargo pants is different from look and design which is comes with a photovoltaic panels on 2 side pockets. It is available with two different colors and animal- friendly features.

The new silver lining cargo pants with eco design (low-slung drawstring trouser), which is comes with light in weight and water resistant feature. The 2 PV pockets of the new cargo pants function as fully independent power supply units so that you are easily charge with 2 different gadgets and simultaneously using clean solar energy.

I like this Silver Lining cargo pants with eco design
Pricing: $920 [MORE]
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Hybrid Street Sweeper Allianz 4000

Recently, 6.7-liter cummins diesel engine based manufactured its new eco friendly products is a new hybrid sweeper which is comes with advanced technology and design. The new hybrid street sweeper allianz 4000 which is built in maximum 60mph speed, 2 12-volt lithium-ion batteries and electric-traction drive system.

The innovative and well-established company is confident that the hybrid setup provides the Allianz 4000 to improve fuel combustion by as much as forty-five percent over a diesel-only counter part. I know there are all kinds of eco friendly products available but its new hybrid street sweeper allianz 4000 is different from look design and technical features. Technical functionality like that a sweeping functions which is handled by electric motors in the Allianz. I like this eco friendly products and I hope its will be hit in the market. [more]

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South Carolina Solar Tracker

You want to know new eco tech? If yes, then read this article because we have to introduce new solar tracker which is comes with new solar panels and eco tech. recently german IMO has launches its new largest solar tracker that is built in biggest size and shape. With an area of this South Carolina solar tracker of 1614sqf, and absorb more solar energy from the sun. It is comes with 53-foot-tall design and best 22.5KW performance rating.

The solar tracker will be used to energy IMO developing operating and uses dual-axis high technology. If you are finding new technology based solar tracker so please you seems its new South Carolina solar tracker. [more]
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Dogs Trust Eco Friendly Dog Care Facility

Recently I have described you new eco friendly dog care facility which is manufactured by Rehoming center near in Leicestershire. The dog trust is biggest dog welfare charities in the United Kingdom that can be provide you eco friendly features.

Our features include a biomass boiler, green roofs, under-floor heating, best solar panels and water resistance system. Al least 135 dogs at one time are able with this dogs trust eco friendly dog care facility. Other features include a renewable energy generating systems, small size rehoming centers, sustainable look and design.[MORE]
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New Concept Eco Vehicle

Nowadays rise in pollution on highways have served as a catalyst in the development of eco friendly new concept eco vehicle. You want new eco concept based vehicle so here I am introduces for new conceptual car.

We will provide you more effective features; expert industrial designers have come up with new concept eco vehicle which is powered by renewable sources of energy. In that case we reduce the high levels of pollution, thanx designer Hasmin Malik has shared with us his latest concept eco friendly vehicle which is used as a zero emission taxi.

Our interactive features are awesome like that vehicle provides vast space for battery storage, silent electric cab, use open-air concept, skylight roofing, best electric batteries, lightweight design etc.

Thanks: [Hazman Malik]
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Eco Friendly Home in the England Countryside

Eco Friendly Home in the England CountrysideI know that, you have to wait to get my new article. Do worry, today I have to introduce new eco friendly home in the England countryside which is architect with state-of-the-art design to create a unique house. It is designed by Architect Richard Hawke; our designing concept is different from other housing designing like that a parabola roof with grass.

Eco Friendly Home

This roof designing concept provides an awesome feature such as don’t use extra support with roof, 3000 square-foot home, triple-pane windows and 20 inches of foam insulation. Use high-tech materials and 14th century roof technology with this constructing, it’s a first certified eco friendly home in the England countryside (Passive House ).
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Eco Design: Social Housing in Bondy

This is new eco design environmentally sensitive social housing in Bondy which is comes with eco friendly look and design and provides an attractive or beautiful series of apartments for thirty four relocated families. Atelier du Pont designed the U-shaped residential building that is attractive and memorable co design which is provides a day lit and energy-efficient apartments.

This new eco design social housing in Bondy project includes other building construction such as a gymnasium, school and suburban housing. It is based on u shape design and providing a protected feature that means we are fully protected from interior courtyard & garden space.
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