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Hybrid Street Sweeper Allianz 4000

Recently, 6.7-liter cummins diesel engine based manufactured its new eco friendly products is a new hybrid sweeper which is comes with advanced technology and design. The new hybrid street sweeper allianz 4000 which is built in maximum 60mph speed, 2 12-volt lithium-ion batteries and electric-traction drive system.

The innovative and well-established company is confident that the hybrid setup provides the Allianz 4000 to improve fuel combustion by as much as forty-five percent over a diesel-only counter part. I know there are all kinds of eco friendly products available but its new hybrid street sweeper allianz 4000 is different from look design and technical features. Technical functionality like that a sweeping functions which is handled by electric motors in the Allianz. I like this eco friendly products and I hope its will be hit in the market. [more]


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