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Solar Icemaker Eco Product

This is the irony of the Eco-world portrayed at its very best as we use the red hot sun to make ice as and when we need it. This is probably why we call the Sun as the ultimate source of energy. It pretty much can do everything- from melting huge glaciers to now creating ice with its heat energy. And it is not without a little helping hand from science and the creative brilliance of some folk at San Jose State University but that is something we would gladly take any day.

This zero-emission solar powered ice maker is not just a revolution because of the touch of irony that it brings in but it paves way for future technology that could provide emission-free cooling solutions. In simple terms in all refrigerators and even air conditioners could very well be solar powered very soon and at an affordable price.

Considering how the air conditioning part of home devices consumes tons of energy across the planet, this is indeed a welcome change. So I can say that is such a cool and high technologically based Eco solar product because this solar Eco product is different from look and servicing so I can say that is great and high advance technologically Eco solar product. Via
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Coleman Brings Out Solar Battery Charger for Cars

With soaring crude oil prices it seems that more and more people are inevitably turning towards alternate fuel. This is more or less an expected phenomenon and the green products industry is cashing in on the trend big time. More gadgets and chargers are coming out each day which either use solar power or wind energy. With automobile industry embracing changes both rapidly and effectively, we are hopefully heading towards clean and emission-free roads.

Following that trend is the new Solar Battery Charger from Coleman. The Coleman Solar Battery Charger rests on the dashboard or any part of the car where it can harness solar energy and trickle charge into the battery. Just leave it where there’s visible light and let it do the trick on your hibernating vehicle. The Coleman Solar Battery Charger is currently priced at $29.95.

The best part of this is that you can just park your car and by the time you are ready to go back home from work, you have completely replenished battery! This truly is a wonderful little gadget that should get popular pretty fast. via Read More!

Eco News: Devil’s Bridge

Man learns the best possible stuff in the lap of nature and it is there that he finds true peace with himself and the world around him. For centuries now nature has inspired man to achieve, to imagine, to explore and to fall in love with its effervescent splendor.

Its million shades never seem to repeat themselves with each sunset bringing a new hue and its beautiful tunes inspire emotions that seem long lost in modern mayhem. Nature has a way of heeling and inspiring which has been felt from men like Newton to romantics like Wordsworth.

In simple terms and it has something for everyone and you only need to look with the right eye. The Eco Bridge is located in a serene and tranquil location and its beauty is awe-inspiring indeed and that is could just sit on it for hours and not know the time. But the tale behind the bridge is not very encouraging if you want to take a walk in the night on it.

The builder made a deal with the Devil that he would give the soul of the first person who crossed the bridge if he helped him in completing it. But the wise builder sent a pig across the bridge first to make sure no one lost their soul to the devil and the cheated devil apparently lies beneath this bridge till today! Via
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An Emergency Eco Shelter, Yet a Delight to Live-in

Natural c Eco calamities are all too real a threat in different countries all across the world and Rafael Smith’s amazing creation this Eco UBER Shelter. A Multi-story Emergency Eco Shelter offering people individual living space and this collapsible flat pack design allows the shelter to be quickly transported by air, sea or land, and it can be assembled with just a few necessary tools. UBER Eco Shelter is stack able and it is made from recyclable and reusable material which serves as an edge over the others.

This project, as per the designer, is a Eco shelter solution that meets the needs of emergency response alongside providing victims with a more personal place to live and a base unit that can be serve as a very basic shelter but also have the capabilities to upgrade and implement modern infrastructure which makes it cope with large scale displaced populations.

Eco UBER has been designed to adapt to different situations, terrains, and climates. Camp needs are addressed in phases starting with the bare essentials to more pleasant solutions and conveniences. So this one and this is sure to act as your savior. Read More!

Energy Ball: Wind Turbine with Silent Elegance and Splendid Efficiency

Wind Energy really seems to be gathering wind as a viable alternate option in the last couple of years and people are starting to use it alongside Eco energy to get the best possible results. But the major problem in harnessing wind energy has traditionally been the use of tall and huge wind turbines which do not fit in to modern city patterns and also require considerable and consistent wind for production of energy. But designers and engineers have put an end to that problem by creating wind turbines that suit the urban lifestyle and ‘Energy Ball’ might be the best of the lot.

Energy Ball works on the principle of the Venturi Effect, making use of the change in fluid pressure at different points to produce motion. In simple terms, it acts a lot more effectively than wind turbines and is a lot more quiet and adept for city life. The wind turbine can be put on your roof or in your backyard, and it will start immediately producing energy. The efficiency is pretty high, and all that is achieved without changing the ergonomics of your home or your backyard in a major way.

While Energy Ball makes for a great wind turbine, we need more such wonderful designs which will harness other renewable sources with equal ease and so if and when you can get your hands on Energy Ball, just go for it. Via
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Seat BRISA: Sports Industry Gets Solar Love Seat

You may have acclaimed Eco sail boats impelled by wind but here designer Miguel Angel IRANZO Sanchez from Spain offers you a hope to drive your sports car propelled by sun. Against ordinary sports car models that burn rubber down the road producing a gas-guzzling snarl, this one is different and peace loving. It features a hood sheltered with photo-voltaic cells that influence a stimulating engine attached to the stern motor. It maintains its niceties and special thanks to its spruce, backless structure and aerodynamic appeal that would have your hair pounding back in no time. Designer Sanchez disclosed that the idea was to make it look Mediterranean.

The potential design of the coupe is a direct invitation for manufacturers to flaunt their expertise.
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Putin Tames the Tiger: Saves TV Crew with his Perfect Shot

We have celebrities across the Eco world shooting animals for fun and often getting themselves in all kinds of mess for hunting animals. But Vladimir Putin is a real wise man and irrespective of what much of the West thinks about him, he comes off as a very charming and multi-talented bloke. He is one politician who has seriously impressed many across the planet with his ways over the years. He can get down and do most stuff but even for Putin you would say it is tough to tag and place a collar on a Tiger… Or so you would think.

Putin put on a cameo and embarked on a visit to the Far East, home of the rare Ussuri tiger. He participated in a hunt to track down an escaped 5-year-old female tigress after it had freed itself from a restraint. But the Tiger managed to surprise the Television crew who were playing in its home turf now and was charging to take them down. But Putin would have none of that and just like an Olympic marksman shooting for the gold he shot a perfect shot and tranquilized the Tiger.

It is not often that politicians shoot for a good cause and it is not often that it ends up pretty. But in this case Putin just went on to tag the Tiger and placed a tracking device on it. The Ussuri Tiger’s are endangered and it seems Putin just saved one of them and also a TV crew from getting severely injured. All in a day’s work for Vladimir! So, why was he not at the Beijing Games shooting for gold? I suggest you enroll for London 2012 Mr. Putin… Job Well Done. Via
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World’s First Manned Eco Fuel Cell Plane Takes Flight in Germany

Fuel Cells are the ultimate answer to all our energy troubles and if not in a shape and form that they are in today, they have a potential to evolve into something both potent and clean. The heavily bleeding aviation industry seems to be going the Eco-friendly way so that it can cut both on pollution and on costs. In a positive step in that direction.

While PEM fuel cells are not the ultimate answer to our energy needs, the aviation industry could use all the wind that it could get beneath its wings to help it fly in the tough times. The new Eco fuel cell is not hard to manage and its relatively simple cooling needs and consistent power generation make it a true alternative. While the commercial version of this Eco technology might still be a few months away at the least, one can hope for a partial fuel cell powered commercial flight maybe somewhere in the next year. That would truly be a journey towards greener solutions. Via Read More!


One of the major contributors to the greenhouse gases in the world today is vehicular pollution and the problem with emissions from Eco vehicles is that they are both harmful to the planet as they are diversified into air at a rapid pace and also are difficult to contain with available technology. This Eco product is not as simple cleaning up the air from vehicular pollution as is the case in pollution from factories.

The best way to reduce emissions is by reducing the usage of fossil-fueled Eco vehicles and a commuting with the help of a bicycle over short distances really helps the cause. CIVIA LORING is one of the most stylish Eco bicycles that you will find in terms of its classic retro design and the design is simple and very Eco-friendly.

The Eco product bamboo styling gives it the feel of the early 70’s and late 60’s and the Apple Green color though is not really that cool. Maybe many out there would love it because this Eco product somehow feels not correct. While the retro theme is carried in the styling of the handle is the Bamboo fenders and racks give it a complete Eco-friendly costume and a cool bike to help the planet cool down! Via
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