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Indonesia, government subsidies to Bio fuels with oil palm

The Indonesian state oil company expected for this year, to mix their oil approx 580,025 palm oil and so government of Jakarta has announced that it will support the production of Bio fuels should they exceed the cost of oil. Thus, the commitments for the protection of forests and bogs become more complex to maintain. Already in the island of Borneo alone in about 20 years, over 10 thousand kilometers of forest were converted into plantations of oil palm. Read more Read More!

Sardinia the Republic of falls

To understand what we are talking about is a fundamental starting from after and explains when he started this particular case. The island of is truly a natural paradise of Sardinia for about seven square kilometers. This is an uninhabited, owned by the engineer John American Rex Miller. Given the constraints imposed by the landscape of Sardinia Region, Miller would have tried first before selling it to the same region of Sardinia then an association of American naturists. It was precisely because of the possibility that it was taken last August, the decision by the Independence Party to occupy the island and sending a clear message of non-marketability. The headquarters of the new state was symbolically represented by a tent camping. Read more Read More!

Clusters of markets: the European energy and transport rejected

Comes the annual goods for consumption and tells us that at least 60% of the old continent is not satisfied as to either buy or to pay the electricity, nor of how traveling. The second annual report has reviewed more than 20 sectors, based on five indicators (price, change of supplier, customer satisfaction, complaints, security) and for example with regard to energy are satisfied with less than 2 / 3 of Europe:

Approximately 60% of consumers said the price increases imposed by their energy supplier, while only 3-4% of consumers saw prices fall. The supply of electricity and gas does evil again in terms of comparability of offers and the ease of switching suppliers. Energy is the sector where consumers are less likely to switch suppliers: only 7% have changed the supplier of gas and 8% for electricity.

It must be worse for Transport:

Consumers who use the urban and suburban transport (buses, trains, trams) are in the least degree of satisfaction and the
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greatest number of problems: less than half of consumers are satisfied with these services. The main causes of dissatisfaction in the markets are the price levels, the attractiveness of commercial offers, the ease of acquisition and orientation to the needs of consumers. A consumer in four has encountered problems and complaining. Read more Read More!

An innovative system for the car wash

The competitor Eco wash, dedicated to the cleaning of vehicles, has developed a system that would clean the car without using water. According to reports from the managers, the results of cleaning would be identical to the traditional ones. The product name is "Protector Wash" and is nothing but a detergent which, according to the description provided by the company, would be completely biodegradable. The product is in fact based on the ionization and is entirely made up of non contaminants. In essence this is a spray to be affixed to the vehicle body, whose application is to let it act for a few minutes then remove with a cloth. Through this system it would seem that we can save between 100 and 250 liters of water for each car wash. The product has also been developed for cleaning the interior of the vehicle, for tires and plastics, of course without damage to the surface of application. Since its marketing, or in 2006, the company claims to have contributed to savings of more than 43 million liters of water. In light of the description the system is particularly interesting. We are really facing a revolutionary product or is it simply yet another buffalo that the market wants to propose? Read more Read More!

Street Academy musical instrument

Some time ago we talked to musicians who build their own instruments using recycled materials. Now via the web you can learn the techniques of construction and installation, thanks to the lessons of the Capone paper video that explains how. Among other things, new musicians and manufacturers are invited to participate and send their video to show what were capable of achieving.

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