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Clusters of markets: the European energy and transport rejected

Comes the annual goods for consumption and tells us that at least 60% of the old continent is not satisfied as to either buy or to pay the electricity, nor of how traveling. The second annual report has reviewed more than 20 sectors, based on five indicators (price, change of supplier, customer satisfaction, complaints, security) and for example with regard to energy are satisfied with less than 2 / 3 of Europe:

Approximately 60% of consumers said the price increases imposed by their energy supplier, while only 3-4% of consumers saw prices fall. The supply of electricity and gas does evil again in terms of comparability of offers and the ease of switching suppliers. Energy is the sector where consumers are less likely to switch suppliers: only 7% have changed the supplier of gas and 8% for electricity.

It must be worse for Transport:

Consumers who use the urban and suburban transport (buses, trains, trams) are in the least degree of satisfaction and the
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greatest number of problems: less than half of consumers are satisfied with these services. The main causes of dissatisfaction in the markets are the price levels, the attractiveness of commercial offers, the ease of acquisition and orientation to the needs of consumers. A consumer in four has encountered problems and complaining. Read more


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