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Eco Design – New Heights with Vertical Park Hotel

Eco Design – New Heights with Vertical Park HotelYou are searching for memorable and extra-unique piece of hotels? If yes, then look at new heights with vertical park hotel which is constructed in Singapore. Our constructing feature is based on eco technology like it is effectively ‘zero-energy’ designs, above green roofs, solar power tap and more extra-ordinary feature with eco design.

Eco Design – New Heights with Vertical Park HotelIt is designed by the WOHA Architects, this one of the most popular design and construction is going to various type of vegetation that is not only makes a best and strong statement regarding eco design.
Eco Design – New Heights with Vertical Park HotelThe new heights with vertical park hotel is designed to be a top class hotel and professionally, office space, this architect is based on solar power photovoltaic cells to generate of solar energy.

Eco Design – New Heights with Vertical Park HotelInclude these hotels sky-gardens, best reflecting pools, waterfalls, planter terraces and green walls with attractive look and eco design mean it is fully eco-friendly architect.

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Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Concept Car

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Concept CarYou have been seen lots of conceptual car with amazing look design and features but at this time I have discuss new Volkswagen xl1 hybrid concept car which is built in super-efficient vehicle. The new conceptual eco car is the successor to previous Volkswagen experimental units as the L1 concept of two thousand nine.

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Concept CarThe Volkswagen xl1 hybrid concept car provides a fuel consumption approx 0.9 l/100 km, 2,224 mm wheelbase, and measures 3,888 X 1,665 X 1,156mm. The new eco car features includes a plug-in hybrid power train, one hundred twenty Nm torque, best wheel drive system, two cylinder TDI engine and so on.

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Concept Car
The electric part of the Volkswagen xl1 hybrid concept car is arrived by a motor which can be produces 20 kW or 27 PS and hundred Nm of torque feature. Other features including seven speeds DSG transmission, lithium-ion battery pack, Euro VI emissions, and more.

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Concept CarDo you want more effective concept in car then check out above details, its different since that is comes with greenhouse emissions technology means it is fully eco car.

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Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE Being minimalist is the new and modern way to go and less is indeed more in a global where superb eco sources. I know, here is available various types of latest eco gadgets available but this new samsung BE eco gadgets that monitors your consumption of these eco resources as “BE” seems effective simple and much reliable.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BEAnd I hope you like this samsung BE eco gadgets, and this concept created by the Tommaso Gecchelin.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE“BE” is one of the most popular and interactive system that will monitor your power consumption, actually it is usage of water resources and even your carbon footprint in your house or home and when you are away.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE
The new samsung BE eco gadgets is a type of hexagonal system which is work on solar concept and wind energy.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BEWe will provide smart interface and features include a sharing your resources with someone else, energy consumption, share your green points through a PCs with another users of BE.

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Biggest Solar Firm

Biggest Solar Firm

Recession has become ghost of the past for different-different nations but Greece really is not one of them. With an unemployment price that skyrocketed to approx fourteen percent in Oct two thousand ten from approx ten percent in Oct two thousand nine, the country is seek in the desperate measures to restore its employment price. It’s a superb eco system to build the globe’s biggest solar firm.

George Papandreou (Prime Minister) plans to build its new biggest solar firm eco system. It is constructed with the price of eight hundred seven million dollar and an ability of two hundred megawatts, and I think this firm is best and perfect eco system than any other photovoltaic park.

This biggest solar firm is specific as a model since it’s aimed to boost the employment price by employ in natives in this park and also serve in as an eco-friendly project. What do you want, I know, if you are looking for best and superb solar firm then check out its project.

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HIVE Eco Design Project

HIVE Eco Design ProjectHive is one of the most popular project is complete with superb architect design. You are looking for specific building designing always so check out its new Hiva eco design project. It is more attractive just like a beehive (ground part), and provides a much reliable and collective effort. HIVE is an eco design project is work on the green mini eco-system it is create a superb ripple effect.

HIVE Eco Design ProjectHIVE eco design project is built with the help of four hundred eighty-six shipping container units. Our designing for this building is really much reliable and memorable since the outer and inner levels provide a degree of space and comfort. The 1st level of Hive building is now all set to begin with seventy-two shipping units and built with all basic necessary amenities. HIVE eco design project has derived its inspiration, design and motivation from a team of variedly expert or talented artists, engineers and eco artists who have all put their best in trying to bring it to life.

This project complete with 4 phases and you can cost your “eco hub” starting from three hundred per month. So tell me, do you like this idea of joining a specific and yet visually enhance in green community
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Aerius Electric Concept Eco car

Aerius Electric Concept Eco car
This is new eco car is comes with green feature, you feel that pollution on the road, don’t worry it’s manufactured with eco friendly feature. The new aerius electric concept eco car is a better or best credentials electric cars since the designers has introduces different-different solutions just that a swappable batteries is work with solar panels. This is designed by the Pei-Cheng Hsieh, it’s a concept electric vehicle based manufactured. We will provide you superb displays technology.

Aerius Electric Concept Eco car
I know that there are many eco cars launches but this one so nice and impressive since it is built in best eco concept, and designed for the year 2025.

The new Aerius Electric Concept Eco car is a type of michelin active in-wheel electric and on-board electric motors. We will provide you many effective features such as onboard carbon nanotube super-capacitors, manufactured with aluminum and composite materials, light weighted, efficient aerodynamics, and the vehicle is influenced by formula one race cars.

What you think about new aerius electric concept eco cars?

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Beach Garbage Five Room Hotels

Beach Garbage Five Room HotelsGerman artist Ha Schult is most one of the popular artist has designed or created a temporary eco design based five room hotels in Madrid city center. This beach garbage five room hotels designed with waste materials since all materials are especially used from flea markets, beaches and landfills. It is fully eco friendly hotel since that has been created to protest marine pollution. What you think about beach garbage five room hotels. This is a type of eco system in the global.

Beach Garbage Five Room HotelsAt this time many eco friendly hotels available in the global but this eco design is different from other. This is Superb and fantastic, which is located in Plaza de Callao. The developing cost is not more expensive since it is created with waste materials. more
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Meguru Eco Friendly Electric Car

Meguru Eco Friendly Electric CarJapanese companies have introduces its new meguru eco friendly electronic car which is comes with three-wheeled and three-seat vehicle. It is especially launched by the three Yodogawa Group. At this time various types of eco cars available in the market but meguru eco friendly electronic car is superb from interior part of look and outer part of look, and provides a many interactive functions like that a vehicle, it is a 2.5 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.6 meters tall.

Meguru Eco Friendly Electric Car
This is especially manufactured with japan traditional handicrafts. We will provide you unique features like that 25 miles per hour speed quality, it’s different since it is based on the number of batteries power means you have to increase the number of batteries then automatically improve per hour speed quality.

The new meguru eco friendly electronic car is providing other effective features such as an air-conditioner pinwheel, superb quality based blankets, and more. I like this environmentally friendly car. Superb!

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Zero-Emission Electric Eco car

Zero-Emission Electric Eco car
Recently New South Wales a student has introduces its new zero-emission electronic eco car is called a sunswift ivy solar powered car which is comes with world fastest solar-powered vehicle (speed of 88.738kph). Prior we have been lots of electronic eco cars but this zero-emission electronic car is superb from design and functionality.

sunswift ivy solar powered carThe sunswift ivy solar powered car is a type of 3 wheeled vehicles built in monocoque carbon fiber body. We will provide you elegant and smart features such as a CSIRO 3 phase DC 1800W electric motor, lithium-ion polymer battery pack, milestone car, and powered by silicon solar cells. Do you want more information about zero-emission electronic eco car then find out [more] Read More!

Top Six Eco Gadgets

Recently I have introduces its top six eco gadgets is powered by the sunshine, kinetic energy, and oceans motion . All of them are fully unique and specific from simple gadgets.

1-HYMINI Gadget Charger

HYMINI Gadget ChargerHYMINI is a much reliable and compact type of eco device that can be provides you to utilize the wind energy any time anywhere you go. It can be easily connected to many devices like that camera means you can be easily charge your camera, cell phone or any other part of electronic devices.


FirewinderThis is manufactured by the Tom Lawton, it’s a more effective and innovative outdoor eco lighting system that transforms energy into a visual display of light. This firewinder lamp is fully hundred percent wind-powered eco gadgets.

3-The Greenbird

GreenbirdThe Greenbird eco gadget is one of the most important parts of aeroplane sailboat, and part formula 1 car and Greenbird is a unique or specific fastest eco vehicle.



It is a innovative foldable, portable turbine and it is very simply to find a portable solar charger, wind turbines quality that can create the same amount of wind energy have not had the same success.


Generally this type of eco gadgets are used to seeing alternate wind energy functions with the vast scale devices, but this eco watch proves that wind energy can be effective on the minimum scale as well.

6. Remote Control Car

Remote Control Car
This is a best set of remote control eco cars entertains children while informing them about all kinds of forms or renewable energy. [more] Read More!

Zeolite Wood Glues

Zeolite Wood Glues
Eco News –Zeolite wood glues is a mixture of eighty-five percent of wood materials, and includes a particleboard and plywood. This is a fantastic eco design. It is classified for World Health Organization but unlikely, that is not an enough to easily avoid eat in those wood products. The Zeolite wood glues is superb research was the conducted at Fraunhofer’s and ISR (Institute for Silicate Research). This is a type of porous structure means that is a best combination for large inner surface. What you think about thie eco design product?

Fraunhofer’s Dr. Jan Gunschera -
"We noticed a 70 percent boost in the adsorption rate after we added formaldehyde to the processed material in our measuring chambers and then we put five percent by weight of the zeolite powder directly into our sample particleboards made of spruce roundwood,"

"The result was that formaldehyde emissions from the board dropped 40 percent – both short-term and long-term tests of one month confirm these findings. In other words, the air in living spaces should be measurably improved. Our tests indicate that this technology can even reduce indoor air pollutant levels."
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250MW Tidal Power Plant in India

250MW Tidal Power Plant in IndiaRecently atlantis resources corporation has introduced its 250 mw tidal power plant in India that is signed a MoU with the Gujarat government. It is a prime commercial tidal power plant is built in 50MW initial capacity. What you think about new eco system?

This 250 mw tidal power plant is developed by the expert London’s marine energy developer. The prime phase of the eco system power plant is completed by two thousand thirteen and will then be scaled up to a two hundred fifty mega watt capacity at a price of about one hundred sixty-five million dollar.

The power energy generated by the eco system plant will be purchased by the GPCL (Gujarat power corporation limited), which targets to provide the traffic similar to what is being provided to maximum to maximum solar energy plants in the state.

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Aerovironment Global Observer UAV

Aerovironment Global Observer UAVThere are different-different technology based eco friendly product and items available but today’s I have introduces new eco items is called an Aerovironment Global Observer UAV which is comes with hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine.

Aerovironment Global Observer UAV
AeroVironment is a well-known company in the global has manufactured its new successful maiden flight which is built in unmanned aerial vehicle, and powered by best and new technology based eco friendly hydrogen-fueled combustion engine. This Aerovironment Global Observer UAV is comes with a 175 feet wingspan. We will provide you smart features. The company does state that the Aerovironment Global Observer UAV can fly at sixty-five hundred feet, and fully handled communications link.Really it is fantastic and superb!

Aerovironment Global Observer UAV provides you all new features with advance technology like that power generator is based on 4 propellers batteries and operational payloads. It is especially designed for military purposes but this is capable to provide a fully coverage over a wide area in that case we are use for satellite operating with lower altitude and minimum fraction cost. Via
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Dali Museum Eco Design

Dali Museum Eco Design

I know there are all kinds of eco design house museum and hotels available in the world but this Dali museum is different from architecture. Well, here I am discuses with you new fantastic eco design, recently in St. Petersburg, On January eleven at 11:11 am the attractive look and design based Dali Museum, Florida had it is superb official opening marked is manufactured with high-spirited parade feature and design. It is look wise more attractive from interior and exterior. The manufacturing cost for luxury museum at just $36 million.

The Dali museum eco design has approximately more than two thousand one hundred forty pieces with ninety-six oil paintings and 8 master works and is the vast collection of Dali’s work outside his country, Spain. It is providing more interactive features like that interior part include a, patio, café and garden, armored tangible walls, five type of storm, and 75-foot coil staircase.

In sep. while Annie Scott reported back, the new luxury eco design based Dali Museum will be fully engaged during two thousand eleven with a cViva la Revelacion exhibition. This museum is fully luxurious and it is designing very nicely that means it’s a superb eco friendly and unique architecture. At this moment marks the first day the new Dali Museum is release to the communal. The admittance is twenty-one dollar! [more] Read More!

BMW Z4 Brick Car

BMW Z4 Brick Car
Do tou want new eco cars then check out its new BMW Z4 brick car which is designed by the Chinese artist at $126,000. It is fully eco cars since we are manufactured with bricks, and all features is completely eco-friendly. I know all of peoples have an in born the nature of an artistic. Any way an expert Artist Dai Geng created a new fantastic look and design based attractive BMW Z4 sport car.

BMW Z4 Brick Car The chinese artist has showed in Shenzhen, southeastern China, a latest BMW Z4 brick car. It is different manufacturing process based sport car, and always arrive you different-different look and design.

The BMW Z4 brick car also a features hinged door that is unlock so in that case you shut rather simply. I hope this one so nice and impressive from other. It is seems much reliable and comes with bricks the most unique thing that it is door gets easily shuts and opens. And the both sides of the BMW Z4 brick car have a 2.15-meter width and five meter length with 1.6 meters in height. I like its new eco cars since its different from other. [more]
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Amazing Chess sets With Recycled Materials

Amazing Chess sets With Recycled Materials
Today, I have introduces its new amazing chess sets which is a type of delight, and all of chess sets are manufactured with recycled materials that means it is a sustainable development. I know there are all kinds of chess sets available at this time but this eco delight based chess sets so nice and fantastic, there are some artists who have become highly creative and successful in transforming waste into a specific or extra-ordinary chess sets.

Type of Amazing Chess sets With Recycled Materials:

High Octane chess set

Amazing Chess sets With Recycled Materials
Steampunk Hardware Chess Set

Amazing Chess sets With Recycled Materials
Amazing Chess sets With Recycled Materials

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Eco Cars - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell

Eco Cars - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell

Today, I have described you new mercedes-benz sls amg e-cell eco cars is comes with the Zero-emission electric engine. WoW! Such a different and fantastic technology and these eco cars finally unveiled its next generation electric vehicle, the mercedes-benz sls amg e-cell at Detroit 2011.

Eco Cars - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-CellIt is specific or unique from other since we have to provide an extra-ordinary vehicle features with 4 synchronous electric motors that arrive a whopping 525hp output and 649lbs-ft torque, technological functionality.

Eco Cars - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-CellThe company has stated that the vehicle can hit a speed of sixty mega per hour in approx 3.7 seconds and reach a speed of one thirty mega per hour in less than towel seconds. Mercedes-benz sls amg e-cell is one of the most popular eco cars that comes with lithium-ion batteries are generate a power.

Eco Cars - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-CellYou like this eco cars? [more]
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Eco Tech - Empire State Building

Today, I have introduces its new eco tech, Empire state building to find the hundred percent renewable electricity from green mounting energy company, that’s a new eco tech. Empire state building is a world famous highest building, and a best part of 4 decades in new York. This is manufactured with eco tech like that an interior part, it’s a multi-million dollar eco renovation. Really, it’s a fantastic and much reliable eco technology.

The 2 year contract with green mountain energy company, and include a contract minimum to minimum annually production - 55 million kilowatt per hours of renewable energy. If you are looking for best renewable energy Production Company then checks out green mountain energy company.

Well, what you think about empire state building, it’s fantastic, you know!! [source]
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Top Five Eco Cars Of 2010

Eco Cars of 2010This type of cars is based on solar power concept and advance technology. Do you want new think about cars so read this article, we will provide you all information about solar energy based cars. Solar power concept based car is always run on energy from the sun, and it is built in unique think or concept. All of concept cars use 100’s of photovoltaic cells to easily convert sunlight into electricity, and every cell produces a one-half volt of energy. This article features some cool solar power concept cars that you can see on roads. Do you want to know concept cars of 2010?

Top Five Eco cars of 2010:

1- Nissan IV car

Nissan IV car
2- Flying Car

Flying Car
3- Opel Flow Eco car

Opel Flow Eco car
4- Touch Down Concept

Touch Down Concept
5- Volkswagen

Volkswagen [Eco Cars]
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