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HIVE Eco Design Project

HIVE Eco Design ProjectHive is one of the most popular project is complete with superb architect design. You are looking for specific building designing always so check out its new Hiva eco design project. It is more attractive just like a beehive (ground part), and provides a much reliable and collective effort. HIVE is an eco design project is work on the green mini eco-system it is create a superb ripple effect.

HIVE Eco Design ProjectHIVE eco design project is built with the help of four hundred eighty-six shipping container units. Our designing for this building is really much reliable and memorable since the outer and inner levels provide a degree of space and comfort. The 1st level of Hive building is now all set to begin with seventy-two shipping units and built with all basic necessary amenities. HIVE eco design project has derived its inspiration, design and motivation from a team of variedly expert or talented artists, engineers and eco artists who have all put their best in trying to bring it to life.

This project complete with 4 phases and you can cost your “eco hub” starting from three hundred per month. So tell me, do you like this idea of joining a specific and yet visually enhance in green community
Via: Hive Houston


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