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Zeolite Wood Glues

Zeolite Wood Glues
Eco News –Zeolite wood glues is a mixture of eighty-five percent of wood materials, and includes a particleboard and plywood. This is a fantastic eco design. It is classified for World Health Organization but unlikely, that is not an enough to easily avoid eat in those wood products. The Zeolite wood glues is superb research was the conducted at Fraunhofer’s and ISR (Institute for Silicate Research). This is a type of porous structure means that is a best combination for large inner surface. What you think about thie eco design product?

Fraunhofer’s Dr. Jan Gunschera -
"We noticed a 70 percent boost in the adsorption rate after we added formaldehyde to the processed material in our measuring chambers and then we put five percent by weight of the zeolite powder directly into our sample particleboards made of spruce roundwood,"

"The result was that formaldehyde emissions from the board dropped 40 percent – both short-term and long-term tests of one month confirm these findings. In other words, the air in living spaces should be measurably improved. Our tests indicate that this technology can even reduce indoor air pollutant levels."


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