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Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE Being minimalist is the new and modern way to go and less is indeed more in a global where superb eco sources. I know, here is available various types of latest eco gadgets available but this new samsung BE eco gadgets that monitors your consumption of these eco resources as “BE” seems effective simple and much reliable.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BEAnd I hope you like this samsung BE eco gadgets, and this concept created by the Tommaso Gecchelin.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE“BE” is one of the most popular and interactive system that will monitor your power consumption, actually it is usage of water resources and even your carbon footprint in your house or home and when you are away.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE
The new samsung BE eco gadgets is a type of hexagonal system which is work on solar concept and wind energy.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BEWe will provide smart interface and features include a sharing your resources with someone else, energy consumption, share your green points through a PCs with another users of BE.

Tommaso Gecchelin - Samsung BE


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