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Cost of photovoltaic French

Solar power is truthfully a good-looking adventure. Only the term "solar field” and we feel transported to a clean outlook that relies on forces of nature to provide energy needs humans. But this has a cost, el'ADEME - is the acronym of French public that collects information on energy - estimated that the solar photovoltaic is still too luxurious, so you need to wait until 2020 to become aggressive.

For now and then, in France, photovoltaics should be one more expression that the real investment - with the exception of the Overseas Departments, where there are still many places that can accommodate photovoltaic cells. These cells are expensive actually they are made of silicon, a resource that is used in order, and the price of which is moving from tens of dollars per kilogram in 2002 to hundreds today. The ADEME photovoltaics therefore refers to the French after 2020, but without massive investment, it is improbable the price is a great deal lower, while the example of countries such as Germany has shown that the choice to focus on photovoltaics yesterday today is proving a 'viable option.

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