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Additional to the anthropogenic movement, the environment warm up and the sea level increase. According to opinion of Archimedes and opposing to fixed notions, the melt of the cold ice-floe will not modify the increasing of the water precisely as an ice cube melt in a glass of water does not create its height rise.

Though, there are two enormous ice reservoirs that are not on water and whose melting will transport their quantity towards the load, most important to their increasing.

It deals with the ice caps of glacial and Greenland on the one gives, and the continental glaciers on the extra give.

Another cause of the sea increasing that does not have no substance which to do with the ice melt is the water dilatation under the result of the hotness.

According to the less disturbing forecasts of the GIEC, the sea level is supposed to rise from 20 to 90 cm throughout the 21st Century with a position quo by 50 cm.

The global scientific scene possessions that a hotness height of 1°C will lead to water are increasing of 1 meter.

This enlarge of 1 m would transport ground losses emerge of about 0.05% in Uruguay, 1% in Egypt, 6% in the Netherlands, 17.5% in Bangladesh and up to 80% about in atoll Majuro in Oceania.

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