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Electricity paid with prepaid cards

The system of rechargeable cards, a practice common in the world of telephony is about to land in the electricity market. The new system will in fact tested in Mauritania and put it into practice will be the group Mauritania Grit. In essence the group expected that the sale of electricity to the citizens take place with a prepaid system similar to that of our charges for mobile phones. The system is fairly simple. The customer must only buy a claim from an electrical retailer 20 digits of his card for the service. Wonderful innovation or system intended to die in the bud? From my quick reflection on me are two points to make. If it is true that may increase the cases of lack of service due to poor organization of some utilities, the other is equally true that a similar system would use electric current in a more parsimonious. However, we are talking about an experiment that will be carried out ahead in Mauritania, a developing country with a decidedly less reality of our energy. Read more


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