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Maritime Environment of Somalia

It has been gently suggested we naval blogging type need to raise our game to add some thought irritating, bright content to create debate and kindle some brain originality towards challenges facing our naval forces. I admit I am still stressed to find my groove here in these pages, but I have each meaning to get higher challenge. The New Media Office in the DoD has a blogger seminar on Thursday with Rear Admiral “Terry” McKnight that I will be honored to take part in. The talk will most liable revolve around piracy off shore of Somalia. By the moment in time most read this post, the discussion will be over, but permit me to share my thoughts that I am going to effort to turn into question. I am very anxious with thought the US Navy will be aggressive pirates off coast of Somalia. This is not that I don’t believe US Navy should do it, and it is not that I do not think US Navy could do it successfully; rather I am anxious the US Navy may not be prepared to do it. Read more


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