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Rotterdam’s WATT: Using the Dance Floor Energy to Drive the Disco!

We have human-powered bikes, cars, MP3 players and even Gymnasiums and so many across the world are exploring more such avenues where we expend a lot of energy which can be tapped in to. This is truly turning out to be a great concept as we are now turning in to batteries and that is a real good thing. The principle of modern clean energy is that, ‘Energy conserved is Energy produced’. So you when the lights start flickering, the music starts pumping and… Well, I will stop there. The point is when you hit the Dance Club; plenty of energy is wasted on nothing. Not anymore though, as a club in Holland is showing the way.

Rotterdam’s WATT club features a dance floor where the disco lights become more dynamic as patrons get their groove on. The floor even has a meter to show people how much energy they’re producing at any given moment. WATT contains more than just electricity producing dance floor. Drinks are stored in basement tanks to save energy by using a central cooling system and toilets in the club flush with rainwater. The so-called “pee experience” lets patrons watch rooftop rainwater travel through transparent pipes when they flush. How amazingly cool is that? The Loo sounds much better than the club itself!

There is already such a cool green club in London and it apparently also allows customers in for free if they come on foot and do not use carbon-emitting vehicles. Of course, that needs some proving as well. WATT in Rotterdam is following the footsteps of the London based green club. Hopefully there will be more clubs across the world that will join in and have that cool flushing mechanism. Fluid in Motion- Awesome! Via


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