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Pornography Hits The Green World

‘Climate Porn’ is the latest term on the green block and apparently is a soon-to-be released movie for the television in Australia has been labeled so. Interestingly called ‘Scorched’ and it shows Sydney of 2012 suffering through 200 days of zero rainfall and insiders reveal that the film focuses on the effects of drastic Eco change.

There are bushfires surrounding the city in the film and the authorities don’t have enough water to put them out. So I can say due to its hyper-realism with fake news broadcasts (aimed at sensationalising) and websites with all that scary jazz the film is being tagged as climate porn because all that it shows will never happen.

Experts (they are the ones calling it ‘CP’) describe the movie as a thrilling spectacle but they maintain, it distances the public from the main issues of global warming and deforestation. And in other words are climate porn is the marriage of fiction and non-fiction in the world of entertainment by that logic and should ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ also fall in the same category? Via


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