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Weekend Story: Turtles Breathe a Sigh of Relief with New Fishing Tech

WWF has found that a new fish Eco technology is proving to save turtles while not affecting fish catches. Simply changing from the conventional J hook to circular hooks has been helpful in releasing turtles accidentally hooked. Moises Mug from WWF said that using circular hooks is the right choice as it does not even hamper the economy of artisanal fisheries.

Reports suggest that the alternate fishing method has brought about a significant trend in bycatch reduction, where marine turtle by catch has been reduced by 89 per cent per thousand hooks. It was quite a relief to find that ninety-ive per cent of turtles caught while fishing were recovered alive and the fishing ability of the circle hook was as good as the J-shaped.
Indeed a strong example to show how conservation and industry can work hand in hand for a better and greener life. Via


neo said...

amazing content. really nice. I like this type of blogs which related to animals, specially on sea creatures.
Hope this new FISH ECO TECHNOLOGY will work good. Looking forward to see your next blog regarding this type of subjects.

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